Sunday, June 3, 2012

Samsung Introduce Four New Galaxy Models - The Ace, Gio, Fit And Mini

Samsung firmly established themselves as leading players in the mobile world when they introduced the popular i9000 Galaxy S Handset. Although this handset is due to be replaced by the forthcoming S2, four new siblings in the range have been announced to join the ranks of one of the fastest growing smartphone families.

The Galaxy Ace seems to be a more budget version of the Galaxy S. This may not prove such a bad thing, as in stripping back some of the specification, the manufacturers have produced a phone that is not only very capable, but also a touch more compact. With a screen measurement of 3.5 inches, the display remains large enough to effectively display websites and a variety of media such as movies and photographs. Despite resolution being pegged back to 320 x 480, results are still great. The media facilities on the phone have been left relatively untouched, meaning users get a good standard of photograph from the 5 million pixel camera, which also incorporates a flash, making shots indoors or at parties now not such a difficult task. As its name suggests, the mini is the baby of the bunch size wise at just 110mm height by 60.8 width, depth however remains the same as most other models by hovering around the 2mm mark. The unit, despite its tiny frame remains refreshingly high specification, with Android 2.2 running as on operating system together with great internet connectivity that offers both 3G and WiFi.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a curious model, in that it does not look drastically different from the other options, and neither does it offer any applications that would make it appeal to gym users and joggers. The "Fit" part of the name obviously relates to the endurance of the model itself, which thanks to a combination of a 1350mAh battery coupled with a chipset that is less powerful than what is offered on the other models means performance times improve. In a bid to make this model a wallet friendly device, camera facilities have been dropped to 3 mega pixels, which still offers a good quality despite being slightly under the average standard that is on offer. The final offering in these new models is the Galaxy Gio, a model that is the poorest in terms of photographic quality, but makes up for it with a boost of screen resolution to 320 x 480, higher than what the Fit can offer.

These four models help Samsung cover all areas of the market with their Galaxy Line up, a range that stretch from pocket friendly to top end, powerful smartphones.

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