Sunday, June 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note Launched on O2 Deals

The new Samsung Galaxy Note is by far the largest screened smart phone to be released by Samsung and sets a new precedent in the market by almost crossing over to the tablet form of an iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This new flagship smart phone from Samsung boasts an amazing 5.3 inch touch screen display which is a full 0.6 inches larger than the nearest competitors such as the HTC Sensation XL or HTC Titan.

Samsung Galaxy Note deals were originally released on the Orange UK network last week which gave consumers a good idea of the pricing structure of this mammoth new phone, on Orange it is possible to pick up a free Galaxy Note from £41 line rental per month which puts it firmly in the iPhone 4S price bracket.

This new Galaxy smart phone has now been launched on a range of O2 deals in the UK which has further backed up the price point of the phone, it is not yet possible to order a free Galaxy Note on the O2 network which says quite a lot as even top models like the HTC Sensation XE, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola RAZR are all available free on tariffs from the operator.

As it currently stands, the cheapest deal for a Samsung Galaxy Note on O2 will cost the consumer an upfront price of £209.99 plus a monthly line rental charge of £21.50 per month, this equates to a total expenditure of £725.99 over the minimum term 24 month contract period.

Compare this with the best deal on the Orange network which currently costs £229.99 upfront and then £20.50 line rental each month over 24 months with an overall outlay of £721.99 and we get a good idea of the real cost of this high specification smart phone.

So why is the Samsung Galaxy Note such an expensive phone?

Aside from the large touch screen which uses Super AMOLED technology this new phone packs in Samsung's fastest processor to date, a dual core 1.4GHz chip powers this slim but large handset along with a huge 2500 mAh battery.

Other features include the new Samsung instant messaging service which operates very much like the Blackberry Messenger and iMessage services and is called 'ChatON', also on board is 16GB of expendable memory and the usual Android features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3.5G data support.

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes pre-loaded with the latest Android 2.3 operating system, however it has now been confirmed that this will be upgraded to the new Android 4.0 software after the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus has launched and other handsets are allowed to receive the upgrade.

On the reverse of the Galaxy Note is an 8 mega pixel camera which allows for video capture at full 1080p HD quality and on the front of the phone is a 2 mega pixel camera for video calls, this is a very high specification handset packing some of the latest technology and features hence the price tag is likely to stay above many other models for some time.

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