Saturday, June 2, 2012

Samsung Tocco Review - Great Things Come in Small Packages

Gone are the days when mobile phones were big and heavy. Mobile phones have become smaller and quite light. But then this has been the trend in gadgets of this generation. When it came to mobile phones, high end models were really expected not only to be small, slim and light but also to be packed with advanced features that are common to mobile phones of its class.

Samsung Tocco: Slim and Sleek

Starting with its exteriors, the Samsung Tocco really boasts its great looks with its ice silver colour, leather case and great texture as well. Then it's only the size of a credit card so it really fits small pockets. Using this mobile phone is really comfortable and convenient because it easily fits the hands.

Of course, Samsung Tocco uses the touchscreen technology. It also has a 2.8 inch screen to provide a better touchscreen experience. But one thing people love is its newly improved interface. It has better colours as well, unlike its predecessor models, so it's really attractive.

It even features customizable widgets. One can choose up to seven frequently used features and place its icons on the home page of the phone. This makes using the Samsung Tocco convenient and even faster. One will be able to access the features he needs right when he uses the phone.

The Samsung Tocco touchscreen is sensitive and has a fast response. So, using the phone is really very convenient. And another thing that most people appreciate is the 3D animation that is displayed in between pages or screens.

Samsung Tocco: Full of Entertainment

Music is something that many can't live without. Since this is quite a standard requirement among most phones, Samsung Tocco certainly has not left this one out. While it only has about 230 MB memory the user will still have a chance of loading as many songs by expanding his memory with a microSD card.

One thing unique to Samsung Tocco's music player is its Shazam program. If a particular track is unfamiliar to the listener, a message will be sent telling him or her about the particulars of the song.

And when it comes to the camera, Samsung Tocco has one of the best. It uses the CMOS technology which is normally used for digital SLR cameras so photos can be expected to be crisp and clear. Having the 5 MP camera with such great optics certainly makes Samsung top caliber among mobile phone cameras.

Its advanced camera features are truly worth mentioning. The autofocus and image stabilization features help ensure focused and less blurry pictures. The face detection feature even makes taking better placed and sharp photos more possible. And with the smile shot mode, photos wotld surely be stunning.

Samsung Review Says All

With all of these beautiful features, the Samsung Tocco is far from perfect. For one, it does not have Wi-Fi. But this problem is quickly answered by its 3G capabilities. Internet browsing and email services can still be availed.

The browser lacks the zoom in feature that the iPhone has. So many people experience a bit of a difficulty in browsing. The TOUCHWIZ, on the other hand, is there for a responsive interface.

So really, even with Samsung Tocco's flaws other features somehow makes up for it. This Samsung Tocco review recommends the Samsung Tocco. If people want to go against what is traditional, the Samsung Tocco is certainly a detour from the popular iPhone choice. It's really a good option. And when paired with a good service provider that offers fair and affordable mobile phone deals Samsung Tocco is surely a great phone to have.

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