Sunday, June 3, 2012

The White Samsung Galaxy S2 Boasts An 8 Megapixel Camera And Fast Internet Browsing

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has recently been launched in a white colour variant offering appeal to style conscious users who also view their phone as a fashion statement. As if the high performance specs of the original weren't enough, the White Samsung Galaxy S2 builds on this appeal.

In this article I will look at how the handset performs as a camera phone and web browsing device, as these are key features for most people when choosing a new smartphone.

One of the most important features for many when choosing a new smartphone for many is the camera. The White Samsung Galaxy S2 is well equipped in this respect, boasting an 8 megapixel camera which is widely regarded as one of the best in its class. Just like the original black version, this camera comes with plenty of useful features which aim to improve results whilst keeping it simple to use. Autofocus, LED flash, face & smile detection and image stabilisation are all included, and all illustrate how the camera is powerful but easy to use. The camera also has the ability to capture video footage in high definition, in 1080p (full HD) quality, although lower settings are included should you need to save battery. There is also a second camera located on the front of the handset, so you can take self portrait photos or make video calls to contacts that have a compatible smartphone.

The original Galaxy S2 is well known for its abilities as a web browsing device, and this is also true of the White Samsung Galaxy S2. This is thanks largely to its internet connectivity options, provided courtesy of Wi-Fi and 3G coverage. Wi-Fi offers the fastest connection, whilst also boasting less battery usage than 3G and it also does not use up your data allowance. All that's required is access to a local wireless network. The alternative is to utilise 3G coverage which provides an internet connection via an HSDPA connection. This provides speeds of up to 21 megabytes per second, making the original version and the White Samsung Galaxy S2 among the fastest web browsing phones. The internet browsing software is provided by the TouchWiz 4.0 UI, which is Samsung's custom Android interface. This runs over the top of the Android Gingerbread OS (v2.3). It is worth mentioning here that there is a new version of Android on the way (v4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich) and it has been confirmed that the Galaxy S2 (black and white versions) will support this once an update has been released.

The above features are of course the tip of the iceberg, as the White Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with many other impressive key features like a dual-core processor, plenty of internal and expandable storage and a high resolution touchscreen.

If you are interested in the White Samsung Galaxy S2, you will be pleased to know that you can pick up the handset for free from several UK networks when you sign up to a selected tariff.

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