Saturday, June 2, 2012

Samsung Soul - Does it Deserve to Be a Flagship Model

The Samsung Soul is another new phone for the company that has been around in mobile phones for a while. In fact the Samsung Soul is set to be the company's flagship model in 2008. Even the Koreans threw a party when the phone was announced and celebrated its birth.

Samsung has made it quite clear that the Soul will in fact be pushed as their leading model. Just because it's the flagship model the Samsung Soul isn't really their most feature rich model out there. But the Samsung Soul will indeed get most of the advertising when compared to other Samsung models that will be hitting the shelves too.

When first looking at the Samsung Soul it looks more like a masculine phone, then one that might be popular among the ladies. The biggest change that was noticed in the Samsung Soul is the new Magic Touch screen. There are different icons or actions depending where you are on the menu screens. The icons are color coded and help you to keep your way. If you want to see the difference is in the Home menu, where you will find four new shortcuts.

The Samsung Soul also comes in different colors, thus if you get a pink one you will be able to take away some of the masculinity of the Soul. For other features you have a music player, a camera that has flash, micro, exposure compensation, and a self timer, also a calculator. The icons are around 3 x 4 inches, which allows for easier seeing. The Samsung Soul also comes loaded with a few themes.

The Samsung Soul is also loaded with the ability to keep tons of contacts. With a limit of a whopping 1000 contacts, very hard to fill up completely, but I'm sure tons will try.

The camera of the Samsung Soul is up to date and a very good camera for a mobile phone, with all the extra's that are included like the flash, and also the self-timer is great for when you want to take a group picture and need a bit of extra time to get ready and look good.

The Samsung Soul will also provide you with access to the internet which is always a great deal to have on your mobile phone. This will allow you to check your email from anywhere that you may be. The Samsung Soul is although a phone that looks like a man's phone a great phone for both men and women. Just imagine the phone in a great looking pink. This will stop many people with its features that are available when buying it. It's a great choice for anyone, and Samsung should have a good chance in high sales with this being their flagship mobile phone for this year. So check out the Samsung Soul pink and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

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