Sunday, June 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Gio Now Comes With Something That Can Steal Your Heart

Samsung seems to be adopting an extremely aggressive strategy for the mid-range smartphone segment and the rumoured launch of four new phones in this segment confirms it. The four new phones will be able to give a new definition to Samsung phones in this segment and one of them is the Samsung Galaxy Gio. It is expected to be positioned slightly below the Samsung Galaxy Ace that is also rumoured to be part of the plans of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Gio is expected to be a downsized version of the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Even though it will be more than competitive in comparison with other phones in this segment, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is expected to be positioned a segment above the Samsung Galaxy Gio. Styling wise, the Samsung Galaxy Gio is pretty straightforward and you will not be getting any out of the world designs with it. It would be having a 3.2 inch touch screen display that is capacitive and it is capable of supporting up to 320 x 480 pixels quite comfortably. The phone will be using the legendary TouchWiz user interface and it will be the 3.0 version. Due to the relatively large size screen, the phone has come with clever power management systems that will help you in saving the energy. Proximity sensor is one such option that this phone will be getting and it is not only about power saving, but also about intelligent locking of the touch screen display. To prevent any accidental touches, the phone's touch screen display will actually switch off when the phone is kept close to the ear.

Similarly, the usage of a 158 MB of memory internally might seem low, but the support given to 16 GB memory cards makes it quite intelligent in that feature as well. Further, Samsung is also providing this phone with a complimentary card that is rated at 2 GB for those who do not use a lot of memory. It is in such cases that the 2 GB card will sound more than enough. The usage of Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity options in the phone means that it is probably well connected to the outside world just as any high-end phone will be. Due to the usage of the Android 2.2 operating system, the phone will be having all forms of social networking applications built-in. There might be some qualms over the support and processing speeds for running this operating system, but the 800 MHz CPU more than handles it well.

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy Gio is very similar to the battery that is found in the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It should be noted that the latter is much more features rich and the battery in it will be draining pretty quickly than the former. It is in such cases that he will be praising the battery life of this phone. This phone is expected to carry a major portion of the mid-range smartphone segment once it is launched in the UK.

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