Sunday, June 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S Is One of the Finest Smartphones Available

The plethora of high-end smart phones that are currently exists in the industry today has been made even more consistent with the launch of the Samsung S. However, following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, it is expected that much of the competition between the phones will be coming to an end. This is because the Galaxy S will be getting all the attention and praise. The new Samsung phone is so feature rich that it can literally blow away its competition. It does not take long to realise that and it is clearly evident from the styling of the phone itself.

It is very different from the other Samsung phones that have existed over the years. Hence, it is not bland or not good-looking. The Samsung is one of the best looking phones currently in the market. It is something that has been enhanced by the fact that it will be coming with a 4 inch display. This display is quite brilliant at handling the rich colour options that will be provided by the Android operating system that is present in the phone. The usage of the 2.2 operating system version in the Galaxy S might not be justified given the huge amount of features that are present in the phone. Hence, the Samsung is one of the phones that are going to get the update to the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. It is going to be available for the current Samsung Galaxy S users from March 20th, while it should be available for new buyers from the start itself.

The Android operating system will be displayed using the TouchWiz user interface 3.0, which is one of the last remaining user interfaces to be not interfering with the operating system too much. The Samsung Galaxy S's screen will be capacitive and it is none more than you expect from a high-end smartphone. The various options that are present in the Samsung Galaxy S include the likes of a five megapixel camera. It is a camera that has plenty of options to make a proper photo without too many details involved. These are the options like autofocus and face detection, which will be enhancing the final image. There is also the HD video recording, which is done at 720 p to contemplate. The Samsung Galaxy S will be coming with the 1 GHz processor that remains as one of the few processors remaining in the single core era to be highly efficient at running the operating system as well the countless applications that are available online for it.

The Samsung Galaxy S will be using the TV out feature in order to share of the recorded videos and photos. The Samsung Galaxy S is currently available in the UK. It is available in both SIM free options and contrabt options. The Samsung Galaxy S can be bought for around £ 25 per month on a contract basis.

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